Saved! What Happens When You Are Born Again (paperback)


Signed by the author, Joseph Edhuine!

Most everyone knows that Jesus died for our sins, but not many in the Body of Christ truly understand exactly what that means, or what it means to be born again. The overwhelming majority of Christians do not fully comprehend the nature of salvation or the miraculous and eternal events that take place when you are saved. This lack of understanding causes millions of God-loving, Bible carrying believers to live lives of struggle, stress and strife, rather than the success, satisfaction and serenity that is guaranteed the confessed believer in Christ, Jesus. Saved! What Happens When You Are Born Again, by Joseph Edhuine takes you on a step-by-step journey through every stage of the salvation process from the Regeneration of the spirit to that magnificent day of Glorification when we shall all be caught up with Him in the clouds! “This Biblically centered, down to earth book helps you know who you are, and who you are in Christ,” Pastor Joseph Edhuine.

I encourage you to read this work and apply the truths and see your life changed for eternity! —Alan D. Heller Co-Founder Walk & Talk & Co-author of the books, Learning How to Trust and Marital Mystery Tour.



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